1. Requirements and Expectations of Interested Parties

1.1. Customers and the market

We are dependent on our customers. We want to understand the current and future requirements of our customers and strive to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations as far as possible.


Our customers are interested in attributes such as conformity, reliability, availability, delivery, customer service and cost of the product they receive.


Customer needs and expectations are determined as part of the contract review. After the customer requirements in the form of supply or service contracts have been determined, once the quotation has been submitted and the order has been received as part of defined order processing, the customer requirements are specified in the order papers and communicated to all employees involved in the order. Company management and production management ensure compliance with the defined specifications through constant monitoring.

1.2. Employees

Employees require a safe working environment and expect open communication with managers. We acknowledge the achievements of our colleagues and welcome suggestions for improvement, which we examine seriously for feasibility. We value team and project work and have constructive and goal-oriented discussions. We tolerate mistakes if they are used as a starting point for a learning process. We stand by jointly made decisions and consider monitoring a constructive part of the learning process. Regardless of hierarchical level, our employees are of utmost importance to our company. Through performance reviews, we determine the needs and expectations of employees in terms of recognition, job satisfaction, skills and knowledge development to ensure that our employees are motivated and involved in the company as much as possible.

1.3. Shareholders

Our shareholders expect company management to continuously develop the technical competence and competitiveness of the company. Management is required to be prepared for continuous improvement and to adhere to compliance rules as well as regulatory and legal requirements. A reasonable return on the invested capital is expected, and annual dividend payments from the annual result.

1.4. Legal and regulatory requirements

We ensure that we are aware of the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to our services, processes and activities and incorporate relevant requirements as part of our QM system.

1.5. Environment

We ensure that environmental laws and regulations are observed and emissions are reduced. We are in a process of continuous improvement to use resources more economically. We maintain an open information policy in the event of incidents and concentrate on averting risks.

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